Resistance Diet: How To Make Cinnamon-Honey Tea To Fight Cold And Flu

Resistance Diet: How To Make Cinnamon-Honey Tea To Fight Cold And Flu

Resistance Diet: How To Make Cinnamon-Honey Tea To Fight Cold And Flu 

Resistance Diet: Honey and cinnamon can make for an intense blend. Here's the means by which you can make honey cinnamon tea for invulnerability 


# Cinnamon and nectar are two extraordinary elements for invulnerability 

# The two can be joined to make an intense beverage 

# Try this basic formula for great resistance 

The Coronavirus pandemic has carried wellbeing and invulnerability to the front line. Organizations and networks are thinking of various plans and methods which may help support invulnerability. The Indian kitchen is a storage facility of many home cures and basic food varieties which we can remember for our eating regimen for great wellbeing. Cinnamon and honey are two such incredible fixings which offer a lot of medical advantages for the human body. This cinnamon-nectar tea is an extraordinary method to stack up on great wellbeing and invulnerability and battle cold and influenza, normally. 

Medical advantages Of Cinnamon-Honey Tea | Why Cinnamon-Honey Tea For Immunity? 

Honey and cinnamon both come stacked with recuperating properties. Nectar contains cancer prevention agents and catalysts that assist the body with recuperating. It likewise goes about as an antibacterial assisting ward with offing contaminations and harming cells from the body. Likewise, cinnamon has additionally been generally used to battle gentle illnesses and fix the body. 

Together, nectar and cinnamon make for an incredible blend to battle sensitivities and recuperate wounds in the body. To cite Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora, "Both nectar and cinnamon are calming, likewise battle sensitivities and lift your insusceptibility framework. They are likewise an incredible mix for restoring blockage." Thus, this cinnamon-nectar tea is a superb method to shield the body from diseases and keep up great wellbeing. 

Step by step instructions to Make Cinnamon-Honey Tea | Cinnamon-Honey Tea Recipe For Good Immunity 

Cinnamon-Honey tea can be effortlessly made with a couple of straightforward fixings. It is ideal to devour it early morning on a vacant stomach for best outcomes. 


1/4 tsp Cinnamon Powder 

1 tsp Honey 

1 cup water 


1. Carry water to bubble. Add the cinnamon powder to it and blend well. 

2. Allow the water to stew for 2-3 minutes. 

3. Empty it's anything but a cup. Blend in the nectar and drink in a split second. 

Attempt this decoction for great wellbeing and resistance, and see the distinction for yourself. Trust on true sources and master prescribed data identified with Covid-19. Continuously counsel a specialist if there should be an occurrence of any disarray and try not to spread deception.

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